In our role as the most experienced fair work lawyers Melbourne has available, we have had to contend with a number of cases where the rights of an employee have just not come up to scratch. The Fair Work Commission in Australia is designed to make sure that every employee understands their rights, but that is not always what happens.

But that’s where we come into our own.

As lawyers that specialise in this area, it means we are perfectly placed to inform you of your legal rights and to make sure that you get the correct legal representation. We cover every aspect of fair work, and are there on your side to help you get the correct outcome, no matter your problem.

The Idea of Fair Work

The entire idea of fair work is one that breeds equality and where employees are guaranteed a minimum wage and fair working conditions. Anything other than this is simply not allowed, and the law is there to enforce this across every single industry.

What it means for you is that you can rightfully expect your employer to meet certain criteria. Also, it is designed to provide the framework for better employer/employee relations where issues can be resolved before they get out of hand.

Overall, the Fair Work Act is legally binding, but sadly not every employer in Melbourne will either meet the criteria, or even be aware of when they are going against things from a legal perspective.

If you would like to know more about the Fair Work Act and how it will undoubtedly relate to you, then give us a call and speak to one of our Fair Work legal experts. We can inform you of your rights and help you to deal with any concerns you may have regarding your current situation at your place of employment.

Help with Compliance

One of the main issues regarding the Fair Work Act is that there is a real sense of compliance with the act, and this is something that is legally binding.

This entire issue is something that is being taken very seriously indeed, and that does mean it’s worth double checking what the act means for you and your own individual situation. Your employer must meet different criteria, and if they don’t then that’s going to become a bit of a problem.

If you feel that your employer is failing to comply with the act, then don’t just sit back and allow things to happen to you. Instead, take action and seek the correct legal advice by giving us a call and letting us show you where you stand from a legal perspective.

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Where You May Need Legal Help

There are multiple areas where you may require some legal help regarding the Fair Work Act. The problem is that some companies may not even be aware that they are in breach, but that’s not the fault of the employee.

Alternatively, there are sadly some businesses that are only too aware of what the act states, and yet they will continue to break the law. No matter which option corresponds to your situation, you are still well within your rights to go ahead and seek the correct legal advice.

This act covers so many different aspects of employment. From what you are paid per hour, to the working conditions, pensions, and even the relationship that exists between both parties. Of course, there are also so many different intricacies in between as well, and that just makes everything far more complicated to understand from a legal standpoint.

Clearly, the number of ways in which you may require legal assistance will be extensive. The best approach for you is to go ahead and contact us directly in order to see if what is going on does indeed contravene the act.

You can contact us via the number that’s listed on our website. After calling, you will then be able to talk to one of our legal experts who will be on hand to listen to your situation before providing you with the right legal advice in line with your own situation.

Why Us?

So why should you choose our team of lawyers to represent you when dealing with the Fair Work Act? Well, that’s easy to answer.

Our company has the best team of lawyers in Melbourne that specialise in the Fair Work Act and the different issues that can arise from it. First and foremost, we are highly trained and educated lawyers who have decided to go ahead and specialise in this part of the law.

By doing this, it means we are better placed than any other lawyer in the Melbourne area to provide you with the correct legal advice within this part of the law. Considering how complex the law can be, hiring someone with the experience and expertise can make a significant difference to the outcome. Considering this can be linked to what you are being paid, or even the conditions you are working in, then getting legal advice from us may be the best decision you will ever make.

However, in order to learn more about what we do as a team of lawyers, and also more about our background, then why not get in touch by giving us a call. We are more than happy to answer any questions about both ourselves along with the Fair Work Act, so feel free to get in touch today.

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Your Next Step

Your next step is an easy one. You need to contact us if you have any questions or queries surrounding the concept of the Fair Work Act. Alternatively, get in touch by calling the number listed on our website if you have any concerns that your current employer may not be meeting all of the criteria in the act.

No matter the reason, our team of legal experts are here and ready to help. We are waiting to take your call, and in next to no time you will discover that you have legal advice that you can know and trust.

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